The NFL Network is reporting that the most likely scenario involving Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is that he will not get a contract extension but will just play out his current contract through the end of this coming season.

Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun chimed in on The Norris & Davis Show, “I’m not buying that at all.  I’d be shocked to see that happen.  This guy is too important to them.  It’s too important to keep this guy happy.”

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Listen to entire interview here:

Co-Host Ed Norris focused on the key phrase: “Keep him happy.”  Norris expanded, “You can’t come to work every day if you’re not happy in an important role like that.  If you are not happy and you think you are not supported by management it is very tough to work.  I don’t care what business you are in.”

Cowherd agreed. “I think that is half the battle dealing with stars on any team these days.  Flacco is a guy you want to keep happy.  If you are committed to him, and all indications are that the Ravens are, why not keep him happy and sign?”

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The Ravens have one year left on Flacco’s contract. 

The Orioles are in a similar situation with Adam Jones.   Jones is a little more than a year away from free agency.  Will the Orioles sign him or trade him away?

Co-Host Steve Davis wondered how high the O’s would go with Jones.  Cowherd responded, “This is very tricky.  This could go down to the wire.  People are talking about a deal between $75-$95 million over 6 years.”

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So, should the Orioles commit to Jones?  Cowherd said, “I don’t think he’s proven he’s that kind of player yet.  This is very tricky.  This could go down to the wire with this guy.  They (Orioles) are going to have to agonize over this.  They’ve got so much money committed to Nick Markakis.  Nick’s power numbers are not there, haven’t been for years.  Brian Roberts is hurt. So this is the kind of deal they’ll really have to deliberate on.”