COCKEYSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)— The family of Cockeysville native Yeardley Love has filed a civil lawsuit against the former University of Virginia lacrosse player convicted of murdering their daughter.

Mary Bubala reports the family is seeking more than $29 million in damages.

George Huguely was convicted in February of second-degree murder and grand larceny in connection with the death of Love in May 2010.

In the civil lawsuit, Love’s mother Sharon claims Huguely “failed to use ordinary care, leading to an accident for which he was responsible that resulted in the injuries and death of Love.”

“Huguely is an adult. What he’s done he’s responsible for, so if they get judgment it would be against him. And I don’t know if he has what the lawyers call deep pockets,” said legal analyst Byron Warnken.

Warnken says the Love family is suing for $29 million based on statistics that show she would have likely lived another 59 years had she not had a fateful run-in with her former boyfriend.

“What they are asking for is a half a million dollars for each year her life was shortened,” Warnken said.

The lawsuit also says Huguely “was aware, or should have been aware that Love was severely injured after the physical altercation that would result in her death.”

Just this month, Sharon Love traveled to the nation’s capital to support the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

“My daughter was murdered almost two years ago at the University of Virginia by an out-of-control lacrosse player with a violent past,” Sharon Love said. “Our lives will never be the same.”

Sharon Love wants the civil case heard in front of a jury, and much of the same evidence will be presented.

The Love family is also seeking $1 million in punitive damages, plus reimbursement for attorney fees.

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