BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Total chaos erupted inside Baltimore’s Social Services when police say a mother took a knife to her baby’s head. In the face of tragedy, employees jumped in to help.

Monique Griego has the desperate calls you’ll hear only on WJZ.

WJZ has the exclusive recording, which gives a chilling account of a violent attack on a baby, an act now etched into the memories of those who witnessed it.

Caller: “We’re at Baltimore City DSS. A parent came in and she stabbed a baby. We’re at 3031 East Biddle Street.”

Chaos broke out inside the Baltimore City Department of Social Services office on April 22. A frantic social worker called 911 immediately after a helpless infant is stabbed.

WJZ has the recording of the call.

Caller: “She was in the conference room. She was having a visit with the mother and she stabbed the baby.”

911: “OK. And how old is the child?”

Caller: “The baby is an infant . . . please get here. Come quickly.”

Baltimore City police say Kenisha Thomas, 29, was at a supervised visit with her 8-month-old daughter Pretty Diamond. Police say with a social worker present, Thomas pulled out a knife that she was able to sneak pass security and stabbed her own child.

911: “Where’s the mother?”

Caller: “They’re holding her down in the conference room.”

The attack on the baby has raised concerns and new calls for improved safety at Social Service offices.

Police say another Social Services worker wrestled Thomas to the ground while others grabbed the baby, who was on the floor with a knife in her neck.

The infant was rushed to the hospital.

911: “Where’s the baby?”

Caller: “The worker has the baby. The baby has a knife in her.”

Johns Hopkins Hospital says Pretty Diamond was released from the hospital Monday. Her mother remains in jail without bail.

The union representing Social Services workers say they’ve complained about security at these facilities in the past.

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