There is some really warm air off to our south, while the jet stream/storm track is running just off to our north. We are stuck in between the two for the rest of the week, occasionally getting a little bit of both.

There are a few different storms moving along the storm track through the rest of the week. We will get clipped from time to time, bringing us rounds of showers and thunderstorms. However, there will be breaks in between these rounds and storms. So, even though we have the chance for a shower or thunderstorm each and every day into the weekend, the chances really vary daily.

The other part of our weather story is the temperatures. There is some really warm air trying to come our way. In between the rounds of showers and thunderstorms, any sunshine will cause temperatures to jump big time and quickly. We are not sure that we are going to get as warm Friday and Saturday as originally thought, but it will turn warmer than Wednesday. We are forecasting highs near 80 degrees Thursday, then the mid 80s Friday and Saturday. Winds will turn back to the northwest on Sunday, putting us back in the 70s Sunday and Monday.

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