SOLOMONS ISLAND, Md. (WJZ)– It’s always nice to get a compliment or to be recognized.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, that’s exactly what’s happening on a national level to a small town in Southern Maryland.

Just when you can’t drive any farther in Calvert County, a boardwalk appears– a perfect place for families of all sorts.

Dave Brown, Solomons Island Visitor: “What do you girls like about the boardwalk?”
Brown’s Daughters: “Duckies. Feeding duckies.”

Solomons Island is a place where watermen deliver crab meat directly to the restaurants. It’s a place with a laid-back vibe, a place where we learn about what made Maryland great.

“Right now, just sitting and enjoying the breeze,” Jane Swiegert, who is visiting Solomons Island for the day, said.

It’s a place generational bookends can relax in the gazebo.

“And I think that’s what’s nice about it. You can be a pedestrian. You don’t have to be in the car,” Swiegert said.

It’s such a nice, relaxed place that you might think by now, someone might have spread the word.

Schuh: “So this was named one of the friendliest coastal towns in America by a national magazine. What do you think?”
Lauren Kessler, a tourist from Virginia: “So far so good. I made it on the news and I just got out of the car.”

More than a dozen restaurants are here, most– like Stoney’s Seafood House on the Solomon Pier– are on the water. They figure this accolade by Coastal Living magazine will help.

“Hopefully, it will bring more people down to the area and have a good time and check out the sights,” one Solomons Island resident said.

Solomons is located about an hour south of Annapolis.


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