Mike Florio, of ProFootballTalk.com,  called into The Norris and Davis show to talk about the recent lawsuit between the NFL and the NFLPA, concussions, and the Ray Rice contract situation.

On Wendesday, the NFLPA filed suit against the NFL, claiming the NFL and owners of all 32 teams made a secret cap number during the 2010 uncapped year.  Florio explained why the NFLPA would have difficulty winning the case.

“The problem is, that when the new CBA was finalized in August 2011 there were documents signed releasing claims, of you guessed it, collusion, and then when the NFLPA agreed to go along with the cap penalties in exchange of driving the salary cap north of what it was in 2011, the NFLPA was in a real bind,” he said.

Florio also talked about the current suit between former NFL players and the NFL. The suit claims those players were not informed of the dangers playing in the NFL and should be compensated for medical expenses.

“To the extent that the NFL is now standing on the shoulders of the men who made the game what it is, and are not properly taking care of them, I can understand why [the players] would want something,” he said.

Recently, it was announced that starting in 2013, it would be mandatory that players wear thigh and knee pads. Florio said this move benefits the NFL.

“First, of all it helps the league. It helps the teams make sure their players are available. I think there is less concern about the players than it is about the team getting the full return on their investment its making the in the player. But to the extent the NFLPA and the players are speaking out against this, what it does is it poisons the national jury pool in a round-about way. The picture it paints is that the players have no regards for their own safety, so good luck winning those concussion lawsuits.” he said.

Florio also thinks the Baltimore Ravens should not make a large investment on Running Back Ray Rice.

“You just can’t make that kind of investment in a guy who plays a position where on any given play his career could be over.” he said.

Sarah Davis


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