BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A lucky break for more than 3,000 people caught speeding in Baltimore City. Problems with a speed camera mean their tickets are invalid.

Adam May reports.

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There’s no question– the speed camera at the 5400-block of Wabash Avenue is a money-maker.

May: “Have you ever got a ticket here?”
Baltimore Driver: “Yeah.”
May: “How many?”
Baltimore Driver: “Probably twice.”

Now she’s hoping she’s one of 3,145 drivers who will get their $40 ticket refunded.

A city employee found a technical problem with the camera. So violators get their tickets canceled.

“They were exceeding the speed limit by 12 miles or more. However, when they got the citation in the mail, it had the wrong location on it and that made all the citations invalid,” Kathy Chopper of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation said.

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May: “Did you get a refund?”
Driver: “No.”
May: “Would you like one?”
Driver: “Yeah, I would.”

City councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton who represents this area tells WJZ she’s disappointed with the problems with this camera but she’s glad it was dealt with in a timely manner.

“This is one of the most dangerous intersections I’ve seen,” Conrad Conyers, a school crossing guard in the area, said.

May: “Since they put in these speed cameras, are drivers more safe?”
Conyers: “Somewhat, somewhat. It is a difference, needs to be more of one.”

Still, some drivers cheer the camera’s error.

“That was a mistake that was caught. How many that’s not caught that they made?” one driver asked.

“We have an error margin of plus or minus one percent. So we have a really good track record with our system,” Chopper said.

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The city just mailed out refund information to drivers a few days ago.