BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City firefighter is arrested during an FBI raid for allegedly running an online prostitution ring.

WJZ has learned this isn’t the first time he’s been arrested on these types of charges.

Monique Griego has more on his previous arrest.

Back in 2010, Jamar Simmons, 29, was arrested by Baltimore County Police. He was charged with human trafficking and prostitution but most of the charges were dropped and he escaped with probation.

An FBI raid at a warehouse on South Pulaski Street Monday night is what led to the arrest of Simmons and Franklin Coit, 33. Both men are accused of running an online prostitution ring.

“We found a handgun, we found some ammunition, a small amount of marijuana and various ledgers and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from that location,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

“I never thought for a second that anything of this type of magnitude would be taking place here,” said Nathaniel Tyler.

Even more surprising is that Simmons is a Baltimore City firefighter with 12 years on the force.

Police also seized several computers, flash drives, condoms and sex toys from inside the warehouse.

“As of this moment, he has been suspended without pay and we will begin our preliminary investigation into this situation,” said Chief Kevin Cartwright, Baltimore Fire Department.

Simmons was currently working out of a fire station in Roland Park. He’s now behind bars, facing a slew of charges.

“That is a little unnerving. You don’t want to think the people who are protecting you are doing things they’re not supposed to be doing,” said one resident.

Simmons and Coit are both facing gun and prostitution charges. Because Coit is a convicted felon, he could face elevated charges.

Baltimore City police say they are conferring with the FBI about the possibility of bringing federal charges against both men.