ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — It’s official. The State Board of Elections has certified the petition to put same-sex marriage on the November ballot.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains what happens next.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance collected more than 162,000 signatures to put same-sex marriage on the ballot. The Board of Elections stopped validating them after more than 109,000 were approved, nearly twice the number required. That was all about the numbers. Now it’s all about the words.

“Let it be defined as one man, one woman,” said one same-sex marriage opponent.

More immediate than the definition is the question on how the ballot question will be worded. Voters will either repeal the law legalizing same-sex marriage signed by the governor this year or to allow the law to stand.

A war of words will be fought in ad campaigns like a marriage equality ad on YouTube.

“Why should I be treated different? I love who I love so why can’t I marry who I love?” the ad said.

Others believe traditional marriage trumps personal preference.

“While we understand happiness means a lot of things to a lot of different people, happiness does not mean let’s change the laws and redefine things so we have our own self-fulfillment,” said Derek McCoy, Maryland Marriage Alliance.

Traditional supporters expect Maryland voters will go the way of 32 other states upholding one man, one woman.


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