Last night, on The Glenn Younes Show, Glenn Younes talked about his reaction to the report released by former FBI Director Louis Freech, and how his report found that Penn State leaders did nothing to prevent Jerry Sandusky from abusing young boys.

Younes said the decisions Penn State made in the past allowed Jerry Sandusky to continue to abuse children.

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“They made a decision to keep it in house. They made a decision to cover it up. They made a decision that wasn’t good PR for the program, for the football team, so they decided to allow a known pedophile, a child abuser, rapists, to have the keys to the town,” he said.

However, Younes said lessons can be learned from the faults of Penn State and to keep something like this from happening again.

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“The only way you stop it is if others know. We can not have this type of power in the hands of a sports program or any individual and we need to wake up as a society and realize there are bigger things than football and pride and money, wins and loses, and power at Penn State or any other university,” he said.

Younes saved his strongest words for the those in charge of Penn State at the time Jerry Sandusky was abusing his victims.

“The idea that somebody would cover something like that up for 14 years, the first thought in my head, I’, not saying them but in general, ‘ those people should rot in hell,'” he said.

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