BALTIMORE (WJZ) — William Donald Schaefer’s quest to make Baltimore a better place continues.

Pat Warren reports the civic fund he established awarded grants Tuesday for neighborhood improvement projects.

Reservoir Hill residents throw their backs into the daily challenge of creating an oasis in the desert.

“A one-sided fanatical obsessive for the welfare of the city of Baltimore and its citizens,” said Zelig Robinson, Schaefer Civic Fund.

It’s a description of the former mayor, governor and comptroller that never changed. Tuesday, a $1.4 million Schaefer legacy gift was donated to the Baltimore Community Foundation for a civic fund established by the late governor.

“I think he was wonderful,” said one resident.

Tuesday, money was distributed to projects like the Whitelock Community Farm.

Baltimore is a city divided by the compass but identified by neighborhoods and in each of these neighborhoods, there are efforts made by residents to make improvements. The Schaefer fund supports those neighborhood projects.

Whitelock Farm is one of 30 projects that received funding Tuesday, all of which need continued support.

“There’s always something to work on,” said a resident.

Tuesday, $137,000 was awarded in small grants.


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