By Ron Matz

REISTERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ)—She’s an avid reader and has a passion for writing, and at the age of 16 this Baltimore student has already written a few novels.

Ron Matz has more on this talented author from Reisterstown.

Lindsay Luterman has already done what few teenagers do. She’s 16 and has written three novels.

“I’ve always loved writing and just telling stories,” she said. “My parents used to tell me a story every night when I was younger, and I would just go up to my dad’s computer and start writing short stories.”

The Escape Series is a trilogy, adventures designed for the teen audience.

“I have a lot of different ideas in my head. It’s putting them together and coming up with it from there. When I first started this idea I thought it would be one book but it turned into a trilogy,” Luterman said.

Luterman will be in the 11th grade at Park School. She started writing short stories when she was in the fourth grade. She says she began writing her trilogy at 14 and finished just before her 16th birthday.

“Lindsay is the kind of child who instead of taking her energy out in other ways, she’s at the computer the whole time. And her thoughts are just all over the computer. It amazes me that a child could sit there and just type away and the thoughts that come out of her head, most people couldn’t do,” said Bobbie Luterman, mother.

She loves doing book signings and hopes someday to bring her trilogy to the big screen.

“The book signings are really fun and people stop by and look at your books,” she said. “It’s almost like they’re wondering what they’re about, and they ask ‘Well, are you the author?’ and I say yes and explain what they’re about.”

Lindsay Luterman’s storyline is nothing short of amazing.

“It’s exciting. For a 16-year-old child to write a book and follow her dreams at such a young age, it’s huge,” her proud mom said.

She’s a young woman following her dream with passion.

“I am proud. I just feel like it’s always what I wanted to do. No matter what people tell me I’m going to keep writing. You have to believe in yourself before you want anybody else to and I do,” Lindsay Luterman said.

Lindsay Luterman will be appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival on Sept. 29. For more information on her books, click here.