When: September 1, 2-4 p.m.
Venue: Creative Alliance at the Patterson
Address: 3134 Eastern Ave.
Phone: (410) 276-1651
Web Site: http://www.creativealliance.org
Price: Free
School is back in session which means it’s time for parents to rejoice down the aisles of mega marts around the world as they snag deals on pencil cases and wide ruled paper with their feet-dragging kids in tote.  There’s hope for us youngsters, yet for one last hoorah before the homeroom bell sounds.
Join DJ 5 Starr the General as he spins a lineup of wild and crazy dance hits complete with glow sticks, hula hoops, and bubbles to ring in the new school year! But wait, there’s more.  A limbo contest, spelling bee and some math trivia with prizes are sure to get the brain juices flowing, too.  Free popcorn and soda seal the deal. 
This event is suggested for kids, ages 3-12 years old. Parents and teachers are encouraged to out dance their kids. We promise not to judge (until you leave, that is.)


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