BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Gunshots gripped Baltimore. In the span of a holiday weekend, six people were killed. Now big names in Baltimore are stepping in to stop the violence.

Kai Jackson has more on what the Ravens’ Ray Lewis is doing to help.

The city is reeling from the deadly violence over the holiday weekend. Now some prominent Baltimoreans are trying to help put a stop to it.

Violence over the Labor Day weekend in Baltimore took an enormous toll of families and law enforcement investigating cases.

“People killing each other, robbing each other. It’s mostly drug-related. I see it every day,” said one city resident.

City police say from Saturday to Monday, there were 15 shootings. Ten of them happened on Labor Day. Many of them were unrelated to one another. Police say a total of six people have died and five were hurt by gunfire.

“Homicide detectives are investigating this incident and they’re asking anyone who may have seen anything, heard anything to give them a call,” said Baltimore Police Detective Jeremy Silbert.

“How do we keep flipping the channels as if pain does not exist every second of our lives?” said Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

The senseless loss of life has prompted Lewis and local pastor Jamal Bryant to hold a Stop the Violence rally on Tuesday at Empowerment Temple Church in Northwest Baltimore.

“You’re talking about people, children hurting children,” Lewis said. “That’s disturbing.”

“I think that our children have been spoiled because we’ve given them what we never had,” Bryant said.

Police say 22-year-old Larelle Amos was hit by stray gunfire Sunday while attending a party on the Alameda in East Baltimore. Family and friends held a vigil for the young mother Tuesday night.

“All these people, you know, they’re not here for any reason. They’re not here to get any press, any money. They’re here because she really touched them,” said Amos’ boyfriend, Geron Mills.

Police say they’ve stepped up patrols in many areas, hoping to prevent retaliation shootings.

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