It has been interesting to hear the change of emotion from one week to the next. After the Bengals game, the sense was: “the offense has arrived, and the Ravens are about to take off.” Now, after losing in Philly, it’s the complete opposite: “the offense stinks, and the defense is a bunch of sieves.”

The reality if somewhere in the middle.

The offense needs to do it for more than a game to convince me that a massive change is upon us. And, the defense deserves some time to develop. Remember, two starters are gone from last year, and count three with Suggs out. Throw in Kruger being out and Pollard getting hurt, and the Ravens aren’t the defense that you’d want to throw out there.

It’s hard to win on the road in the NFL, and the Eagles are pretty good. Also, the Ravens aren’t the only team that had a disappointing weekend. Throw in the Patriots, Saints, Cowboys and Jets too. That’s the NFL, get used to it.


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