BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Batman streaker strikes again. The fan who jumped onto the field during Sunday’s Ravens game explains his actions.

Adam May reports on the mixed opinions of fans.

“Right now, I’m facing two trespassing charges, a disturbing the peace charge and a disorderly conduct charge,” Harvey said.

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The 26-year-old ran around the field for minutes before he was finally taken down. Some fans cheered; others booed.

“I wanted to get all my dance moves out, get my message across: don’t be a bully, be a superhero. And I got tackled and locked up for the rest of the night,” Harvey said. “It’s probably not the best way but it’s my way.”

He also did this at the Orioles’ Opening Day.

And reportedly Harvey had a little help with his costume this time around from a big talk show host: Ellen DeGeneres!

After watching Harvey on Opening Day and hearing he was a fan of hers, she apparently gave him a white and blue cape with her face on it.

“I don’t want to encourage behavior like that, but I will enable it,” DeGeneres told viewers in an April show.

He reportedly wore that Sunday night when he took the field at the Ravens/Patriots game.

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But others think Harvey’s behavior is inappropriate. Some call him distasteful and a wild man.

“I don’t really focus on the negative. I’m a positive guy, always been positive,” Harvey said.

And he says he just loves to make people laugh.

“I’m basically kicked out of Baltimore,” he said.

Harvey has now been banned from Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium.

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