Kuromori Kagura: Japanese Folklore and Dance from Iwate Prefecture
Presented by the Asian Arts & Culture Center
Stephens Hall Theater
Saturday, November 3, 8pm

Kagura refers to a type of Japanese folk music and dance in tribute to the gods of Shintoism. In 2006, the Japanese government designated Kuromori Kagura an intangible Cultural Folk Asset. Kuromori Kagura was developed several hundred years ago to specifically worship the divine spirit of the Kuromori Shrine located in the Iwate Prefecture. It combines Kuromori Shrine mountain worship with the regional fishing culture and produces the unique, heroic dance and musical accompaniment of the Kuromori Kagura procession considered the preeminent Kagura of the region. The 12-member company’s premier U.S. tour brings to the stage a dozen dance and music pieces from their rich repertoire.
Tickets: $20 at door; $15 in advance; $10 AA&CC members and Towson University Students with ID


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