One low pressure wave is in the process of moving away from the mid-Atlantic states Friday morning, but there is another one poised to move in later on, and it will probably bring back a couple of showers and thunderstorms for awhile Friday afternoon and evening before we dry out yet again. With the lengthy break in the action, temperatures Friday afternoon will be capable of approaching 80.

The upcoming weekend doesn’t look as bad as we had once feared. Even though there will be some fog around early Saturday, there should be no less than partial sunshine. Temperatures should reach the lower and middle 70s Sunday. Any rain associated with a wave of low pressure that will be forming out over the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean should occur well to the north and east of Maryland. So we are more confident now that Sunday will also bring dry weather.

But the focus of our attention early next week will be turning to the south, where the European global forecast model (among others) is projecting that a new wave of low pressure forming in Georgia Monday night and early on Tuesday will spread moisture up the Eastern Seaboard Tuesday, Tuesday night and Wednesday. If this is truly the case, then we’ll need to “beef up” the mention of rain during these time periods in the future.

Have a good weekend!


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