Listen I get it, it’s football season. No one loves football more than me. Relax. We are all big tough macho men who smash heads into walls and lifts cars off the ground and eat rare meat. You don’t have to try to prove it to me in your hatred for golf and moreover the Ryder Cup. If golf ain’t your thing fine, but the “it’s football season nothing else exists” guy gives me a discouraged feeling. Discouraging in that we have people who want to close themselves to awesome.

The Ryder Cup was awesome. PERIOD. It’s patriotic. You don’t love your country? The format, mind games, gamesmanship, nationalism. Fantastic stuff. It’s ok if you try it, it’s ok if you like it.

…and by the way, it’s nearly 2013 the “too cool for school tough guy act” isn’t cool any more. Try new things. Experience sports in a different venue, you may enjoy it. What’s the risk, you miss the 3rd catch by the TE you benched on AZ? Who cares!

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