Find Jimmy’s Famous Seafood at your next Ravens tailgate (Credit: Antonio Paterniti)

Take a ride on the wild side with the most extravagant and spirited Ravens tailgating bus in town – Jimmy’s Famous Tailgating Bus.

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Jimmy’s Famous Seafood
6526 Holabird Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 633-4040

While Baltimore Ravens fans are known to sport many impressive tailgate mobiles on game day, none can come close to the growing phenomenon that is Jimmy’s Famous Tailgating Bus. Providing the ultimate riding experience to and from the M&T Bank Stadium as well as hosting an all-inclusive tailgate party, Jimmy’s Bus is steadily gaining more followers every year.

The best part about this tailgating bus is that any fan can join in the fun for only $30. Keep in mind that this is cheaper than most parking spots available at the stadium on game day, plus this price includes delicious food, all you can drink, live music and games.

History of the Bus

It all started over 15 years ago when Jimmy of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood came up with the idea to put a few kegs on the back of a bus and ride to the Ravens games. This bus proved to be the perfect way to bring everyone together to celebrate the Ravens (and a love of football) both before and after the games. Customers not only enjoyed the convenience of the ride but the option to safely pre-game at the bar.

Jimmy’s son John, only about 13 years old at the time but nonetheless soaking in the experience from the sidelines, was already getting ideas about how to grow this fun time. Once John was a little older, he knew the next step was to buy tickets to the game and soon after, Jimmy’s started offering game-day packages, eventually working up to season tickets and season bus passes. With every year, Jimmy’s Famous Tailgating Bus has continued to evolve, providing more entertainment to fans. As a result, the following has grown bigger and bigger.

Today’s setup includes two large buses seating about 120 fans every game, plus an unforgettable tailgating experience at the stadium with live DJ, full bar, seafood and more.

On the Bus

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The bus always leaves four hours before game time, rocking to music and stocked with coolers in the back seats – a combination that always gets everyone pumped for the game. In addition to attending all the home games, Jimmy’s Tailgating Bus will also be traveling to three away games this season: Philadelphia (already passed), Washington and due to high demand, the not-to-be-missed Steelers game.

To reserve game tickets or a seat on the bus, reach out to Jimmy’s on Facebook or inquire while dining at the restaurant. Some games, like those against the Steelers, sell out way in advance so be sure to put your reservation in as early as possible. Jimmy’s also does giveaways and contests at the bar during the week, so if you’re feeling lucky just stop by to try your chance at winning.

For the truly devoted fans, ask about Jimmy’s grandfather clause, which allows seasonal bus and tickets holders to retain first rights every year. These individuals can even pass their seats down to their children once they get older.

Off the Bus

On the bus, expect shrimp, crab cakes, a full premium bar and cold beer while listening to a live DJ and hanging with the most spirited fans. There’s no need to say much more except that this is all included for just $30.

If you miss the bus but still want to party, fans are invited to join the tailgate down at the stadium. Look for the giant signs for Jimmy’s Seafood outside of Lot J on the grassy knoll area (near Gameday Warehouse on Warner Street). Or just follow the blasting music and mouthwatering smells. Keep your eyes peeled for huddles of black and purple jerseys dancing, playing catch or tossing some cornhole. Once there, you can purchase a wristband for access to all the activities, food and fun.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood not only knows seafood, it knows tailgating and brings truth to the phrase “Happy Tailgating!”

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