BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Election night is just about a day away. The White House is up for grabs and polls show this could be one of the closest races in history. Here in Maryland, several hot button issues will finally be decided.

Derek Valcourt has the final push from both sides over same-sex marriage.

Both sides are pulling out all of the stops from robocalls to TV ads as the clock ticks down toward Election Day. At Marriage Equality campaign headquarters, same-sex marriage supporters are stuffing envelopes and calling voters in an all out race to the finish line.

“This is crunch time, man. This is it,” said Ezekial Jackson.

With hours to go until voting begins Tuesday, volunteers across the state are loading up campaign signs and learning how they can help–all for their own reasons.

“I have two gay kids. I want to be at their wedding,” said volunteer Bob Hollander.

And now WJZ has learned they’re getting a little help from First Lady Michelle Obama. She recorded a robocall to thousands of Maryland voters, asking them to support same-sex marriage.

Campaign officials are feeling optimistic.

“If you’re voting for it, you’re on the right side of history,” Jackson said.

But opponents of same-sex marriage are hard at work, as well. They’re taking their campaigning to congregations.

“If you can’t talk about marriage in church, you need to go home,” said Rev. Derek McCoy.

They’re promising their own last-minute push of fliers, campaign signs and TV ads.

“Question 6 is a lot of broken promises. Vote against Question 6,” an ad said.

Polling shows Marylanders divided on the issue and both sides know it.

“This may come down to one to two to three to five to 10 votes. That’s how close it is,” said McCoy.

Both sides are promising on Election Day they will have supporters out in force at polling locations across Maryland.

Remember to stay with WJZ for complete election coverage on Tuesday. We will bring you the very latest results throughout the evening.


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