By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Campaign 2012 is over, but has campaign 2016 already started?

Looking ahead to the next presidential race, some analysts are including Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley in a list of potential future presidential candidates.

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Pat Warren looks at the competition.

Governor O’Malley has been in the national spotlight as the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association, and he’s attracted quite a following.

Perhaps he’s headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? That’s a question for the future.

“I don’t know, and it’s kind of nice not to know,” O’Malley said. “I’m term-limited here.”

So what’s the next step? The question follows O’Malley wherever he goes. He’s showing up on a list of potential 2016 primary contenders.

“We are moving America forward,” O’Malley said.

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Fast forwarding to the other faces of 2016: there’s Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagarosa, and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

“I think Joe Biden is kind of going to be too old and too crazy, and Hilary Clinton is a very polarizing figure,” said political analyst Richard Vatz. “Martin O’Malley is a very young, very attractive candidate. And in that regard he could be the candidate, but he also is a polarizing candidate. Remember he’s very, very popular in a very, very left wing state.”

He got voters to approve same-sex marriage when he used to believe in one-man, one-woman. He got voters to approve slots and table games, which he once called a gambling gimmick. He got voters to approve in-state tuition for illegal immigrants–at a time when state dollars are tight.

“We are one. Our cause is one. We must help each other if we are to succeed,” said O’Malley.

As to the presidency:

“Why wouldn’t he make the attempt?” said Vatz.

Of course, the governor will only say that he’s concentrating on the job at hand.

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Governor O’Malley’s term ends in 2014.