DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)—An all out brawl erupted this weekend at the North Point Flea Market. Police are blaming two rival motorcycle gangs for the problems.

Derek Valcourt has more on the melee and the groups responsible.

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The groups call themselves motorcycle clubs. But police label them gangs. Others are labeling their actions this weekend outright violent.

On their website, the Titans Motorcycle Club says it’s all about riding, partying and hanging out together.

They take what they call a “give none, take none” approach, meaning they won’t give any trouble and they won’t take any.

But this weekend Baltimore County Police arrested Titan members Brandon Shane Quinet, 20, of Halethorpe, and 26-year-old Allen Warren Lull Jr., of Dundalk,  after a major brawl at the North Point Plaza Flea Market against a 52-year-old member of another motorcycle gang called Demon Souls.

“Eight guys on this one guy,” said a flea market employee.

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A witness who works at the flea market asked not to be seen on camera for fear for her safety. She says the gang members fought with a rubber mallet and even chains in a bloody confrontation over turf.

“The real disappointment is the environment. This is a family environment.  Elderly are here, people with their children. This is what we want the flea market to be, and it’s just a shame that they brought that here,” she said.

“Most motorcycle clubs are not gangs. They’re not doing illegal activity,” said Doug Ward, Johns Hopkins Public Safety Leadership.

Retired cop and public safety expert Doug Ward belongs to a law enforcement motorcycle club.

He says Maryland’s outlaw motorcycle gangs sometimes deal in drugs and prostitution, and violence between motorcycle gangs often erupts over the identifying colors their members wear.

“It may get down to a turf issue, where you come into the bar, you’re wearing your colors, I’ve got my colors on, and we just get into it based on what you’re wearing, similar to many gangs,” Ward said.

The two Titans Motorcycle Club members have been charged with first- and second-degree assault. They were released on $125,000 bail.

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Gang experts say there are more than 300 outlaw motorcycle gangs across the United States.