The seldom refuted, often disputed Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings for Week 10.  Feel free to let us know what you think.


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1. TEXANS – survived Soldier Field and the elements to stay atop the AFC.

2. FALCONS – beating the Saints may be the one thing they don’t do this year.

3. BEARS – Caleb Hanie wasn’t the answer last year. Jason Campbell isn’t this year.

4. 49ERS – a tie? That may help or hurt them when it comes to playoff positioning.

5. PACKERS – the Bears gave them the opening they needed. They will take advantage.

6. RAVENS – a franchise record 55 points. Now let’s see if that offense can travel.

7. PATRIOTS – some would call it a gift win over Buffalo. Especially the Bills.

8. BRONCOS – this is the most dangerous team in the AFC right now. Hands down.

9. STEELERS – Big Ben would have to be nearly dead to not play against the Ravens.

10. SEAHAWKS – If they somehow get a home playoff game, they won’t lose it.

11. GIANTS – Eli has been awful. The November swoon has started. The bye is needed.

12. COLTS – keeping pace with the Texans with two meetings ahead of them.

13. BUCCANEERS – the most underrated offense in the league keeps rolling on.

14. VIKINGS – that was a much needed win to get them back on track in the NFC North.

15. COWBOYS – they do the same thing every time the calendar hits November. Win.

16. DOLPHINS – they got smoked at home by a really bad team. Could be a sign.

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17. LIONS – that was a loss that probably sealed their playoff fate in 2012.

18. RAMS – they continue to play every team tough.  Will contend next year.

19. CARDINALS – that 4-0 start is a distant memory. Let’s see how they finish.

20. SAINTS – they will make a run at this thing, even if it’s probably too late.

21. BENGALS – caught the Giants at a bad time and took full advantage.

22. REDSKINS – good to see that Mike Shanahan will let his guys play after the bye.

23. EAGLES – is this officially the end of the Michael Vick era in Philly? It was short.

24. CHARGERS – the wheels are coming off the wagon & Norv Turner will be out soon.

25. BILLS – another tough loss. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s days may be numbered as well.

26. TITANS – you better play like that when the owner puts the entire team on notice.

27. JETS – that was an awful, embarrassing showing from a team that says they can still make the playoffs.

28. PANTHERS – I feel confident in saying this year’s Cam is the real Cam Newton.

29. BROWNS – more changes should be coming with the new ownership.

30. RAIDERS – it’s amazing to think that team won 8 games last year. They’re bad.

31. CHIEFS – too bad their offense is pitiful because that defense is fast and tough.

32. JAGUARS – they are much worse to watch on national TV. Please make it stop NFL.



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