BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With just one day left before Thanksgiving, people are flocking into stores to pick up those last-minute items for the perfect turkey dinner.

Monique Griego was there for the rush.

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For the past few days, stores like Graul’s in Ruxton have been working overtime getting the bread and all the food ready for their Thanksgiving orders. Wednesday, the crowd definitely came to get those last-minute fixings.

The items in the check-out lines say it all. The rush for Thanksgiving is officially on.

“I think most people wait until the last minute,” said one shopper.

At Graul’s in Ruxton, shoppers packed in to pick up their holiday necessities.

“Just picking up my Thanksgiving turkeys,” said another shopper.

“It’s pretty insane, it’s great. But we like it that way,” said caterer Wendy Savelle.

Savelle is running around, gathering orders for those who chose to let someone else do the cooking.

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“Just kind of enjoy the holiday rather than slaving in the kitchen for 17 hours, which is what my job would have been this year. So thank you, Graul’s,” said one man.

At Whole Foods in Mount Washington, officers were called in to navigate the traffic jam. At Eddie’s on Charles, people were also busy.

“We’re busy all the time. This is definitely our Super Bowl,” said an Eddie’s employee.

There was the rush to fill orders; they’ve been working nonstop to prepare the perfect bird for hundreds of people.

“We actually have one man who is our expert turkey roaster and he’s been roasting turkeys for about three days,” he said.

For many, all this hustle signifies one thing: the holiday season is underway.

“It’s definitely starting to feel like the holidays,” said one shopper.

“There’s always kind of a buzz in the air. People are a lot nicer, for one,” said another.

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Both stores said this year, the number of catering orders was up compared to last year.