By Mike Schuh

BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — Though Harford County boasts having the state’s sixth largest number of residents, it’s lacking a large indoor gathering spot.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, the Harford Community College has solved that problem.

The idea to build the APG Federal Credit Union Arena began 15 years ago.

Now–with 3,200 seats–it’s the new home to the basketball and volleyball teams at Harford Community College.

“This is news because it’s the largest indoor arena in Harford County, actually in northeast Maryland,” said Dr. Deborah Cruise, Harford Community College.

Final adjustments are still being made–a new arena plus a major renovation to the adjacent rec center.

These days many high schools have nicer facilities than what this is replacing. So this shiny $16 million arena is just what’s needed to keep the students proud and engaged.

“A lot of students come here, go home, go to work, but think if there’s a big game and everybody’s talking about they want to do something on Saturday night or Friday night they have something to do,” said Suriah Wallace, sophomore.

Men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams will play here, but the community is also invited in for many other events.

Schuh: “Up until this point, if someone needed a facility this size, what would they do?”
Cruise: “They would have to leave Harford County and frequently would go to a university outside of Harford County and now we can have these kind of events here in Harford County.”

“We are looking to do concerts, a wide variety of concerts from gospel concerts to different events in the area but also national recording artists,” said Greg Pizzuto, general manager.

So with a few more tweaks a new venue opens, not only for the Fightings Owls, but for Harford County as well.

The ribbon cutting will be held next Tuesday night.


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