BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Children got a big surprise when Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones and his teammates popped in to hang out.

Jessica Kartalija reports from Sinai’s Children’s Hospital where their visit brought plenty of smiles.

For dozens of children at the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai, Tuesday was anything but routine.

“I think it’s nice and shows that they care,” said one patient.

Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones and teammates made a surprise visit to the hospital.

“The Ravens are fantastic on and off the field. They are there to help Casey Cares any time they can,” said Casey Banes, Casey Cares Foundation.

Casey Cares Foundation coordinated the event. The organization provides uplifting events to critically ill children.

“Today what the community needs is a pick-me-up for these critically ill kids at Sinai, just to have some fun, to bring a smile to their face…the Ravens are an amazing team on and off the field,” said Banes.

It was an especially special birthday for 11-year-old Juliana. Jones hand-delivered a Hello Kitty necklace.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Juliana.

“She’s awesome to go through what she is going through and to be as strong a girl as she is amazing. What we do is just a game and this is what it’s really about, giving back to the community,” said Jones.

The players signed autographs, took pictures and played.

“Just to come out and do this and see their smiles, their faces when we come in the room is priceless,” said Terrence Cody.

“They came here just to say hi to us and just to show love,” said Kaitlyn Matthews.

The Casey Cares Foundation organized the event in cooperation with the Baltimore Ravens and Sinai Children’s Hospital.


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