TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)— An officer was grazed from the bullet fired from her gun as she struggled with a prisoner at St. Joseph Medical Center on Wednesday. Now that prisoner is being charged with attempted murder.

A warrant has been issued for Brian Dargan, 30.

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He was taken from District Court to St. Joseph Medical Center for medical treatment after receiving a $25,000 bail for burglary charges.

At approximately 2:30 p.m., a hospital employee entered the room to examine the suspect. His left hand was handcuffed to the gurney railing, and the officer was present in the room. During the examination, the employee observed some sort of needle in the suspect’s garments. When she attempted to take the needle, the suspect grabbed her arm to prevent her from taking it. She was able to pull away, and saw him place something in his hair, which was styled in long dreadlocks.

The officer and the suspect began struggling when he attempted to get off the gurney, and the suspect went for the officer’s weapon. The weapon fired once during the struggle, and then the gun jammed.

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A hospital security officer responded to the room and observed the struggle. The security officer was able to take the inoperable gun out of the suspect’s hand. The suspect was still handcuffed to the gurney, but began pulling at the handcuff to try to escape.

During the struggle, the officer used pepper spray to try to subdue the suspect. Additional officers responded quickly and were able to subdue him. He remained handcuffed to the gurney during the entire incident.

Forensic examination of the hospital room and the officer’s clothing revealed that the bullet traveled through the officer’s pants along her right leg, grazing her leg.

She did not need medical treatment.

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Dargan remains in custody.