A series of fronts is moving through the Mid-Atlantic.  With one passing north of us Saturday night, it will keep us in the soupy, mild air.  Fog has already taken over again and is producing patchy drizzle.

The clouds will hang tough Sunday, along with areas of rain.  That front will move away Sunday, but one will follow for Monday.  It will keep clouds around and the chance for spotty rain.  The best chance for rain with this next front will be late Monday into Tuesday before it moves away.

We will remain on the mild side of the fronts through Monday.  Temperatures aren’t going to drop out of the mid 40s overnight, then only get to the low 50s Sundayw.  When the second front comes by, it will push temperatures into the 60s Monday ahead of the front.  We get a dose of reality behind the front, but still not that extreme.  Highs will be in the upper 40s Tuesday and Wednesday, which is right near our average.

Another chance for rain will move our way possibly next weekend.