BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—A proposal to sell county land could mean major improvements for Baltimore County schools.

Jessica Kartalija explains how it would work.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says he’s focusing on three properties with a lot of commercial value.

Baltimore County schools need help, and in an effort to make necessary improvements without raising taxes the county executive has an idea.

“We are asking people to consider purchasing three county-owned properties that are currently on heavily traveled commercial corridors,” Kamenetz said.

He’s talking about the North Point Government Center on Wise Road in Dundalk, the Randallstown Police Substation on Liberty Road, and the Towson Fire Station and Public Works building off of York Road.

“Rather than spend taxpayer dollars to rebuild on the existing site, we think we can market these properties for sale and generate enough profit to then pay for the replacement of these buildings,” Kamenetz said.

Kamenetz says income from the sale of the properties would give the green light toward improving schools in Dundalk, Randallstown and Towson.

Those projects include adding air conditioning to schools that don’t have it and technology upgrades.

Kamenetz says his staff decided on the three properties because they are all in highly visible areas that could be privately re-developed.

The county plans to put out bid requests within the next few weeks.

Kamenetz also says the sale of the Towson fire station, which was built back in 1958, would expedite the move to a brand new state-of-the-art facility.

Buyers need to submit their offers within three months. The County Council will then review the proposals and approve the land sales.

Proceeds from the sales of the three locations will benefit schools in those specific areas.


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