It’s not Cam’s fault. Carroll County Times’ Ravens beat reporter Matt Zenitz is taking the wait and see approach when it comes to the Ravens’ new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell.

“As much flack as Cam Cameron has gotten during the course of the last five years, Cam Cameron is far from the only person to blame for the offensive inconsistency this season, even in the past as well. Joe Flacco has struggled at times this year, the offensive line has provided problems, the receiving core has disappointed from the expectations that people had for them early on, so while there were issues with Cam Cameron and the play calling, he was far from the only person to blame for the offense’s problems this year. So it will be interesting just to see how different things will be now that Cam is gone,” said Zenitz.

Plus, who’s decision was it to let Cameron go and what changes will Caldwell bring to the Ravens offense?


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