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In the aftermath of the Ravens 31-28 loss to Redskins, The team – led by Coach John Harbaugh, fired Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron. Cam spent five years as the OC with the team, and despite the Ravens making it the playoffs four straight years. Head Coach John Harbaugh said, “Really by every football measurement, Cam Cameron is an excellent football coach. … I’m proud of what he’s accomplished here.”

People have speculated that he is the main reason the Ravens have not brought home another Lombardi trophy, with the Defense holding their own for years. With that in mind Jim Caldwell, the former Qb’s coach , will take over the duties as the new OC. There are three games to go in what has been a very, tough season for the Purple and Black. They have battled through injuries to their Future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, and also the absence of top Corner Back Lardarius Webb. Then there was Terrell Suggs who did not play until week seven, due to an off-season injury. The team definitely needed a change, and Jim Caldwell might just be the boost they require to turn it on towards the latter part of the season.

WATCH VIDEO:  Harbaugh

It is somewhat fitting that the team made the decision this week when they are playing the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Of course Caldwell is very familiar with him from their days working together at Indianapolis . With that in mind, Harbaugh was asked can it be an advantage and have a positive effect on the team going forward ? “It’s always a consideration that this could be a disruption at this point; it will be up to them to make it a positive.” Moving forward the Ravens still have to clinch a playoff berth and the division .

And while there is a switch with the staff, Caldwell indicated he will not change the Ravens system. “But there may be some tweaks,” which could mean the difference between a win or a loss in the NFL.

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