BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He’s the smallest player in Globetrotter history, but he’s teaching students at Furman Templeton Elementary a very big lesson about bullying.

Christie Ileto explains how one ball handler schooled students at his alma mater in the ABCs of bullying prevention.

Harlem Globetrotter Jonte “Too Tall” Hall wasn’t just ball handling tricks Thursday but showing students at his old elementary school, Furman Templeton, how to give bullies the bounce.

“We’re trying to stop the bullying in the schools,” Hall said.

Slam Dunk Lessons is the Baltimore native’s campaign to end bullying, and he’s schooling students in the ABCs of bullying prevention. Those ABCs are action, bravery and compassion.

At only 5’2″, Hall overcame the odds to become one of the best ball handlers in the world, using his shortcomings as fuel to prove what he calls “the haters” wrong.

“Being small, I was always told I would never be nothing, I would never play professional basketball…so here I am,” Hall said.

The Globetrotters visit more than 300 schools and youth centers a year with an emphasis on stopping violence.

“I haven’t been bullied, but I’ve seen somebody getting bullied,” said student Latrell Spriggs.

Bullying plagues the halls of schools nationwide and the city of Baltimore is no different. For Spriggs, he and his classmates are walking away with a bold message: to stand up and stop bullying.

“I’ve seen a fight in my classroom. I told my teacher and she did something,” he said.

And use the hurtful words of bullies to uplift you, the way Hall did.

“You can be anything you put your mind to. I’m a prime example of that,” Hall said.

The ABCs of Bullying Prevention program developed from a partnership with the National Campaign to Stop Violence.

Hall will be back in Baltimore later this month to make his hometown debut in his new Globetrotter uniform. He plays two games Dec. 29 at the 1st Mariner Arena.

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