By Mike Schuh

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—It’s Make-A-Wish Day, a time when, across the country, the wishes of 64 seriously ill children are granted.

Mike Schuh was with one of them in Towson.

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You have everything you need if you just believe.

Robby Griesmyer, 18, has waited for four years for his serenade. He’s in Macy’s because at 14 he was fighting cancer.

While lying in bed at Sinai, the Make-A-Wish Foundation showed up.

“They started asking me ‘What do you want to do? I said ‘Go to Hawaii,’ and they said they’d make note of that,” Griesmyer said.

That was so long ago, Griesmyer hadn’t given it much thought.

Fast forward to this fall.

“I was driving and I thought ‘Do I need to pull over?’ It was incredible,” Griesmyer said.

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Incredible, he’s been cancer-free for three and a half years. And he is now well enough to go to Hawaii.

“I know something good is supposed to come out of this. I’m working for something, and I try to help other people, and you’re rewarded for the help and going to Hawaii too,” Griesmyer said.

Why Macy’s? Those who mail letters to Santa at Macy’s are helping Griesmyer.

“For every letter we get to Santa we donate a dollar to Make-A-Wish,” said Jane Trader, general manager at Towson Macy’s.

According to Griesmyer’s grandma, his Hawaii trip helps to make up for all the times when they could do little to help.

“You can’t do anything for them except pray,” said Nancy Griesmyer, grandmother.

These days, Robby Griesmyer says he feels awesome, “fully recovered, no problems anywhere.”

And that perhaps is the wish most wanted.

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Robby Griesmyer is now in college studying to become an engineer.