Make your own tailgating outfit (Credit, Antonio Paterniti)

Die-hard tailgaters can always be quickly identified as they do not care how they look or what they wear so long as it screams team spirit. With a history of wearing fun and passion on their sleeves, it’s no surprise that Baltimore Ravens fans have been voted as having one of the best tailgating scenes in the nation.

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To fit in with the crowd at a Ravens game and help rally up the team during these final critical games of the season, here are the top 10 apparel and accessories you’ll need:

1. Purple camouflage – While stylish, trendy, and unique, fans will also appreciate this apparel as it’s lightweight, quick-drying, wind resistant and breathable; all the key characteristics needed for proper layering when tailgating in extreme weather.

2. Sport kilt – There’s never been a better excuse to wear a kilt. This versatile piece of clothing is great for active wear, is extremely comfortable and provides for easy adjustability as drinking and eating activities pick up. Purple, black and purple/black plaid kilts can be found in all sizes and lengths, and truly attest to the devotion of male fans.

3. Face paint – White, purple and black colors are a must, but orange face paint can also be used to highlight or accentuate features. Inexpensive and easy to find, this “sports make-up” is one of the best ways to intimidate the visiting team’s fans.

4. Tattoos – Now available at most Ravens sports stores, fans don’t have to get permanent ink to show their enthusiasm. Great for face, arms, hands and legs, feel free to use the whole pack in one day.

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5. Necklaces – There are beads, hula leis, boas and so many more options when it comes to necklaces. The crazier and bolder, the better. When tailgating with necklaces, remember that quantity is more important than quality. Also as the holiday season approaches, large ball ornament necklaces always become more popular and are equally festive. Plus, youngsters can opt to sport a Ravens bib and four-legged fans should have a Ravens collar with matching leash.

6. Hat – Caps, beanies and helmets (football, bike, fire) are the most common, typically sporting a Ravens logo or decal. But there are always those few hats in the crowd that can’t quite be identified like the plush Ravens bird hats, which are adored by kids and most appreciated when colder weather strikes.

7. Jerseys – Buried deep beneath the spirited costume add-ons is always a Ravens jersey, even if it has been painted on. T-shirts, long sleeve shirts or sweaters with a Ravens decal is a close second.

8. Hand towels – Tucked into a pocket, belts or pants, a Ravens hand towel should always be stored in an easy-to-access location for displaying team spirit when the occasion calls. These are most essential for games against the Steelers to combat against all those terrible towels.

9. Long striped socks – Up to the knees or mid-calf not only means warmer legs later on in the season, but the purple and/or black stripes also demonstrate Ravens loyalty. After all, the players wear long socks too!

10. Ravens shoes – While you can purchase a wide range of Ravens-themed shoes from Nike high-tops to fuzzy boots and flip flops, many fans see this as the perfect opportunity to get creative with an old pair of comfy shoes. With some paint, stickers, patches, marker and glitter, there is no limit to the kind of Ravens footwear you can make.
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