There are a lot of differing opinions this week about who is the best team in the NFL. Our rankings clearly have it correct!


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1. BRONCOS – Peyton Manning is back on top. Just where he belongs. Unstoppable.

2. FALCONS – they certainly answered the bell in a shutout win over the Giants.

3. 49ERS – impressive win over the Patriots in Foxborough. Kaepernick looks legit.

4. PATRIOTS – almost pulled off an impressive comeback that just fell short.

5. TEXANS – locked up AFC South again and probably number one overall seed.

6. PACKERS – they are a much better underdog than the favorite in the NFC.

7. SEAHAWKS – back-to-back 50-spots. Pete Carroll thinks he’s back in the PAC-10.

8. COLTS – not ready to overtake the big dog in the AFC South … yet. But so close.

9. REDSKINS – people laughed when they drafted Kirk Cousins. The Skins laugh now.

10. GIANTS – they thought they were in the Falcons’ head. They were totally wrong.

11. RAVENS – an embarrassing loss and a 3-game losing streak. Panic button pushed.

12. VIKINGS – comeback player, offensive player of the year, MVP – give him all of ‘em

13. COWBOYS – some how they are still hanging around. Despite the mistakes, they are still hanging around.

14. BENGALS – if they hadn’t dug so big of a hole in the division, they’d be leading it.

15. BEARS – they have fallen and they aren’t getting up. Booing will persist.

16. STEELERS – they are losing games they would usually win. They will be watching in January.

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17. RAMS – one of the most underrated teams and stories in the NFL this year.

18. SAINTS – wouldn’t an 8-8 season be such an achievement give the circumstances?

19. BUCCANEERS –Schiano had made them surprisingly competitive. Except this week.

20. DOLPHINS – Ryan Tannehill continues to improve. Now he needs some receivers.

21. BROWNS – they should give the ball to Trent Richardson more if they want to win.

22. JETS – the fact that they had a chance to make the playoffs is bad for the NFL.

23. BILLS- join the Rams as the only teams to lose in a foreign country this season.

24. PANTHERS – giving fans hope for next year with a late season surge.

25. LIONS – finally a loss by more than one score … but to the Cardinals???

26. CARDINALS – went over two-and-a-half calendar months between wins 4 and 5.

27. TITANS – thankfully they put the Jets out of their misery. We all wanted that.

28. CHARGERS – only two more games left of Norv and AJ … Bolts fans hope!

29. EAGLES – 3 turnovers in 71 secs. will hurt good teams. The Eagles had no chance.

30. RAIDERS – their kicker is their most consistent & reliable offensive weapon. Sad.

31. JAGUARS – at least they scored points this week. Not many, but they scored.

32. CHIEFS – remember what I just said about scoring points? They didn’t score any.



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