ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The Washington Times published a story regarding same-sex couples having problems filing taxes jointly in Maryland.   Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is now responding to that story.

He says he’ll work to ensure that same-sex married couples can file joint tax returns in the state. 

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“Yesterday’s Washington Times article contained significant misinformation regarding the tax filing status of same-sex couples in Maryland.  Contrary to the tone and the facts contained in the story, same-sex couples in the State of Maryland – whether married in this state or in other states – will have the opportunity to file joint tax returns for Tax Year 2013, and will receive the same state tax treatment as any married couple.  This will occur either as a result of a legislative action, or if necessary, a regulatory change, either of which is necessary because Maryland’s tax code is conjoined to the IRS unless specifically decoupled.  My senior staff and I will work with legislative leaders over the next few weeks to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

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I proudly testified in strong support of the Civil Marriage Protection Act and remain a steadfast supporter of marriage equality.  Honoring Maryland’s hard-earned reputation for fairness and equality, this change will afford same-sex couples with the rights and protections commensurate with their obligations as taxpayers.”

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Same-sex couples are allowed to file joint tax returns in all other states where gay marriage is legal. Forcing couples to file separately may expose them to greater tax liability.