BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Families all over Baltimore are celebrating Christmas, and for many that celebration started at church.

Christie Ileto has the message religious leaders are hoping families walk away with.

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From the festive colors to the angelic voices, it’s clear Christmas has come at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore.

Reporter: “Is there anything you look forward to at Mass?”

Louise Barche: “The songs immensely that contribute to God, and Jesus.”

That’s just one of the many things Barche says she looks forward to on Christmas day. She along with hundreds of other families packed the cathedral to remember the birth of baby Jesus.

“It’s comforting, and I know I’m with my Lord in peace and quiet,” said Barche.

For many, Jesus is the symbol of what is truly important this holiday season.

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“I’m thinking about family. I’m thinking about Jesus being born,” said Evelyn Johnson.

Whether you’re going to Mass, service or just spending time with your family, many people say it’s not about what’s under the tree, but what’s in your heart.

“It’s just about getting together and being happy,” said Jane Benson.

For Benson, that means picking up last-minute items for a family get together.

“I sang at a church choir last night, and today I’m making dinner for friends and neighbors,” she said.

But no matter where you celebrate, many say it’s a time to focus on what’s really important.

“The fact that everyone can be together and hopefully people can take a piece of that and put it in their daily life,” said Carla Skornik.

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There were several churches who held services on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas day.