BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s hard to imagine the pain families felt this Christmas in Newtown, Conn.,  but they were not forgotten. A group of Baltimore volunteers wanted them to know they were not alone.

Adam May has more.

Dozens of volunteers returned to Baltimore Christmas night after spending the holiday in Newtown, the scene of this month’s horrendous school massacre.

“Seeing the images and the depiction on camera is nothing compared to when you’re on site,” said Devon Blackwood, a mental health counselor.

Blackwood is one of many with ties to Johns Hopkins, part of the group called A Mother’s Cry.

“This meant so much to me, so much to the mothers. I just wanted to say thank you,” said one woman.

Millie Brown, the founder, started it after seeing families grieve in the hospital. It has the support of Dr. Ben Carson.

“You know we are having tremendous difficulties in our communities,” said Carson.

While in Newtown, the group prayed with mourners and offered emotional support. They also added condolences from Baltimore to the growing memorial in town.

“It was touching seeing all the memorials and children. It was tear-filled,” said volunteer Jurian Thomas.

It was a Christmas the volunteers will never forget.

Jimmy’s Seafood in Dundalk helped pay for the trip.


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