Although recent satellite imagery shows an extensive plume of high, thin clouds Wednesday , which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean all the way back to the Ohio Valley, these will manage to break for some sun in Maryland on Wednesday.

Temperatures early Wednesday are also starting out within a couple of degrees of the freezing mark.

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Behind our latest cold front — which is still in the process of sinking into the Carolinas and has actually had a weak wave of low pressure form along it — the rain that will be occurring during the day and night will be confined to areas well to the south of Baltimore.

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In fact, the northernmost extent of this rain will probably be in Richmond and Raleigh. But temperatures are not expected to return to the 40s Wednesday afternoon, and this colder weather pattern should last for the next couple of days.

There are no big storms on the horizon for the next several days, and temperatures should moderate somewhat on Friday and during the upcoming weekend.

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