The first week of the playoffs for the Ravens has so many storylines it’s truly unreal. From the Colts return to town, Caldwell against his old team, Pagano against his old team, Pagano and his battle with Leukemia that’s kept him sidelined and of course the biggest stroyline of them all… Ray Lewis retiring after seasons end.

17 seasons and walking away as the best, to do what he does.

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It’s a powerful playoff game in the Charm City, that may actually provide too much to digest. Goose bumps a plenty in the stands, at the bars and at home on the couch. The last (possibly) home game for #52 and who knows, maybe #20 as well. One can’t imagine the Baltimore Ravens without Ray Lewis but it’s even harder to think of this team without both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. It’s a reality that may be here sooner than anyone ever thought.

As much as I’d like to breakdown this Colts game from a game plan standpoint I can’t seem to break from the news surrounding the game. The good news is the players are not dwelling on all the distractions, they remain motivated and focused on winning this game and a few more after that.

I’m in the Caldwell camp, the offense is going to be great because he just has a feel for putting guys in a place to excel. The defense for Baltimore is getting healthy and a huge jolt from Ray.

The way I see it Ravens take it easier than most may think. 31-23 Ravens sending Lewis off with a win and another game to prep for.

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