BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Dangerous pursuit. Three police officers were injured after a woman led police on a high-speed chase from the city into the county.

Meghan McCorkell has details on the frightening ride.

That suspect, Alycia Hoffman, is now behind bars after she forced dozens of officers to chase her more than six miles in a high-speed pursuit.

Police came flying from every direction, chasing after a gray Chevy Cobalt. Officers say 25-year-old Alycia Marie Hoffman led them on a dangerous chase that left three officers injured.

“I heard these loud helicopters from my room,” said neighbor Cody Stevens.

Choppers followed Hoffman in the air all the way to East Joppa Road, where county police were forced to run her off the street.

“I came outside and there was at least 35 squad cars,” Stevens said.

It all started in the 5200 block of Bel Air road where two city officers say they saw Hoffman involved in a suspected drug deal. The two officers approached Hoffman and say she jumped in her car and drove right at them.

“They were out of their vehicle and as she was leaving, she hit the officers,” said Anthony Guglielmi.

For six miles, Hoffman weaved dangerously through traffic before she was stopped. When she was searched, police say they found drugs.

WJZ has learned this isn’t Hoffman’s first brush with the law. She was arrested just last week on drug charges. In the past six years, she’s been charged with theft, drug possession, trespassing, driving with a revoked license and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

Now this joyride means even more criminal charges.

The two city officers that were hit by the car were not injured. A county officer was also injured in the pursuit; those injuries were not life-threatening.

Hoffman is now charged with assault on police, drug possession, reckless driving and other traffic violations.