Ray Lewis (L) Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)Peyton Manning (R) Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Ray Lewis (L) Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Peyton Manning (R) Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It’s week 2 of the postseason and the Ravens go to Denver to battle Peyton Manning, altitude and a stout defense.

All that has Vegas labeling Baltimore as a 9 point underdog and maybe rightfully so but…. But but but, there are many different factors this go-round that could favor the Ravens and cold weather ain’t the difference. Week 15 in Baltimore could have been a very different game save for a QB sneak fumble and pick 6 before the half, but it wasn’t and that’s not the difference either.

There are real reasons the Ravens have a much better chance and they are as follows:

  • Defense has Ray Lewis and Dannelle Ellerbe starting at LB instead of Josh Bynes and Albert McClellan.
  • Also, Ngata & Suggs are healthier and Kruger is playing his best football as a Pro.
  • Don’t forget the offensive line which now has their best variety on the field. Big Mac at LT, KO at RG and Oher back at RT.

…Oh and how about Jim Caldwell! Week 15 was his first as OC ever!

He had a new job on the fly with zero notice and had to call Cam type plays. Caldwell now has his flow and Flacco too. Calls are fluid, flow of game matters, they covet first downs, control the clock, (or at least try) use the middle of the field, make adjustments at half and still use the big play to be an attacking offense.

I’m buying in all the way and it’s why I took the Ravens to win in Denver 26-23.

Look I get it, that’s a total homer pick. It’s why I titled the blog the way I did. This is a heart pick not one with my head. Because if I bet with my head I’d have to say the home Broncos would take it, but I’m not. The Ravens have had such flux and change, my head would be cautious but my heart says better late than never. Caldwell / O-line etc.

I’ve convinced my mind with my heart and I’m going to follow it all the way to the AFC Championship! Lets go Ravens!

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