Our chance at a big warmup this weekend was squashed by the fog. The warm air is out there.  However, when it tried to come up from the southwest, it was forced to rise up and over the cooler, heavier air and create a dense fog.  With no wind nor high sun angle to help mix the fog out, it hung tough and destroyed our warmup.  Yes, we were still solidly above average with a high of 57 degrees Saturday and 48 degrees Sunday – but that was far from the 70s that made an appearance in Virginia and upper 60s that got stuck on the other side of the mountain in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania.

Temperatures are not going to drop out of the 40s overnight, and will actually rise to 54 degrees early Monday.  The fog will also be thick right into Monday with areas of rain and drizzle.  The wind will pick up Monday as the front goes through, and that will help lift the fog.  However, a new front will quickly follow, keeping clouds and rain around Tuesday and Wednesday.  Drier air will arrive later this week.

More seasonable air will arrive Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the low 40s.  There is even the chance that some snow could mix into the rain Tuesday night for western Maryland.  A wave of even colder air is on the way.  Right now, it looks like it will get here early the following week.