BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Little expert. He’s young, but he has the knowledge and know-how to talk sports. And while some fans don’t always agree, this 12-year-old sportscaster says he’s only calling the games the way he sees them.

Gigi Barnett reports he’s already called this weekend’s AFC Championship game.

Cullen Little is only in the sixth grade at Calvert School, but this 12-year-old’s knowledge of football is as deep as a Joe Flacco pass to wide receiver Torrey Smith.

“They’ve got a great defense. They know how to shut down top offenses, and if they can put points on the board, they’re completely unstoppable in my opinion,” Little commentated.

But it’s not just the Ravens. What about his top pick for the rookie of the year?

“Who do I think is going to win it? Andrew Luck is going to win it,” he said.

And if you’re talking this weekend’s AFC Championship game that pits the Ravens against the Patriots, Little has predictions on that too.

“I call the New England Patriots. But it’s going to be close all the way to the end,” Little said.

That’s not exactly what his listeners from the Booker Corrigan Show on CBS Sports Radio 1300 want to hear.

It’s why he called the Broncos last week.

“I’m not just going to tell them exactly what they want to hear,” Little explained. “So, I actually believed that the Broncos were going to win. And, when I made my prediction, some people were like, ‘Why are you going against the hometown?'”

And that’s what makes Little good for radio, according to Booker Corrigan, the show’s host. He discovered the little expert back in November when Little called in.

Not long after that, Corrigan asked the 12-year-old to join him every Thursday night.

“Callers really are interested in what he has to say. He’s just a nice kid, and he’s not braggadocious,” Corrigan said.

But when it comes to watching the sidelines in the future, Little says he wants to do it on the field, not behind a mic.

“I prefer myself being a coach or a coordinator if I could, but this has definitely been fun,” he said.

When he’s not on the air, Little says his life still revolves around sports. He’s in several fantasy football leagues and he’s a nationally ranked squash player, which is like racquetball.

If you’d like to catch Little in action, tune in to CBS Sports Radio 1300 this Thursday at 5 p.m.  You can listen anytime here.