Before the Championship games were played I said many times on my radio show that the 49ers were the best team left of the four. San Fran is stacked at seemingly every position and I’d not want to see them with two weeks rest and prep.

I still feel the same way but I do radio in Baltimore, and with what I’ve seen how can I pick against the Ravens?

Week 15 against the Broncos had Baltimore look about as bad as a playoff bound team could… but then it all changed! Jim Caldwell got that week out of him and never looked back as the new OC. Week 17 the start of the new offensive line started to take shape, oh and Ray Lewis announced season 17 would be his last.

The Ravens took care of the Colts, then to Denver to beat Peyton and the Broncos and finally Foxboro for a 28-13 final. I’m not sure it’s destiny as much as the new o-line giving Flacco time, Caldwell calling smarter games and the Defense getting healthy, except for Lardarius Webb’s ACL.

Don’t know how they’ll do it but the Ravens will win the Big Game in the Big Easy 26-24.

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