I got to know Jack Harbaugh years ago when his son started in Baltimore. Now, the proudest dad in the NFL, and a former college coach,  sits down to preview a “nerve racking ” Super Sunday here in New Orleans.

(CBS Radio)

Jerry Coleman & Jack Harbaugh (CBS Radio)

Among the topics, where will he and his wife Jackie plan to watch ? Which locker room will he visit first after the game? and what about Jim’s son, who worked for the Ravens ? Find out here!


“It still seems so unreal it…as we move closer to Sunday and the ballgame it’s becoming more evident that this is what it’s all about. But Jackie and I are still trying to find our way and trying to figure out exactly how everything will play out on Sunday.”

On where Jack & his wife Jackie will watch the game:
“We are still trying to work that logistic out. We will be in the stadium, I think. This is one of those things that John & Jim both gave us tremendous advice over the couple days we’ve been here…that advice is they made us promise that we would enjoy it.”

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