(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Roger Goodell came to the podium to congratulate the Ravens on their Super Bowl win. He also thanked the city of New Orleans for hosting the Super Bowl.

Immediately followed by a statement on the “unfortunate incident” of the lights going out during the game. He was happy to report that there were no problems stemming from the blackout such as safety issues, to which he gave credit to the dome personnel, fans and players for remaining calm and working through the issues. He did state that they would be looking into “the facts” of the incident later on.

On to the whole reason of the press conference this morning: Joe Flacco is the MVP. “We’re here to recognize the MVP. The performance for the entire post season was an extraordinary performance. Joe Flacco played, just a fantastic post season: 11 touchdowns in the post season, zero interceptions and obviously a Super Bowl victory. Just a great performance. He was unflappable and brought his team to a Super Bowl level.”

Joe took the stage next to talk about how he felt following the win. There was a moment there when he got a little star struck, meeting Beyonce and Jay-Z. “I don’t think that would happen, if we would have lost the game.” The rest of the interview is classic Joe Flacco: everything is “awesome,” totally humble and just glad to be there.


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