BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hundreds of cars you can see, touch and even take a ride in. That’s what’s going on in downtown Baltimore as the 2013 Motor Trend Auto Show kicks off.

Monique Griego has more on a new trend taking over the showroom.

There are more than 300 cars to come and see at the Convention Center. This year, automakers have increased the amount of fuel efficient and electric cars they’re showing.

As the 2013 Motor Trend International Auto Show rolls into Baltimore, thousands of car lovers and prospective buyers are racing to the Downtown Convention Center.

“I can look at all the cars at one time,” said Oscar Thornton.

Oscar Thornton is in the market for a new car, and when it comes to must haves, fuel efficiency is a top priority.

“Everything comes down to money. I don’t care what it is, it’s always money,” Thornton said.

With so many buyers looking to get the most for the gallon, this year automakers are putting more gas friendly cars on the floor.

“It seems like the people who’ve entered so far are gravitating toward what’s going to get them the best fuel economy,” said Jerry Kalb, Bel Air Honda.

Saving on gas also means saving the environment, and that has some shoppers looking to plug-in to a new trend.

“There’s no question that hybrids have become a bigger part of the market,” said Peter Kitzmiller, Md. Auto Dealers Association.

Peter Kitzmiller from the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association says most manufacturers are now going green–carrying hybrids and full electric cars. The demand so high, the auto show created an indoor track so drivers could test them out. Even Thornton says he’s started considering the option.

Griego: “So if they could make the right hybrid for you, you would do it?”
Thornton: “Oh yes, oh yes!”

The auto show kicked off Thursday and runs through Sunday.

There are also an additional 50 cars you can test-drive out on the streets, plus a Jeep off-road track where a professional driver takes you through an obstacle course.


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