BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The most popular people in Baltimore wore purple jerseys last Sunday on the Superdome field in New Orleans. One of them surprised an entire school full of children in eastern Baltimore County Friday.

Mike Schuh has more on the visit.

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When you win the Super Bowl, you become very popular. Everybody wants to say hi, shake your hand and take your picture. The NFL knows this, and they’re sending out their stars to convince kids into living a healthier life.

This year, under a special program, all of the students at Chase Elementary are fed breakfast.

“We’re having apple juice, milk and Rice Krispies,” said Erika Scarcilla, kindergarten.

The same is true at Ms. Grahe’s classroom down the hall.

“I’m excited for the kids today,” said Kristina Grahe.

Dressed in an elaborate purple Friday outfit, Grahe has a secret.

Torrey Smith.

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“What’s going on?” Smith calmly asked amid the sounds of 30 screaming kids.

Smith stopped by the school to talk about milk being in your breakfast. The Breakfast Blitz program emphasizes the importance of milk’s high-quality protein.

When asked about the trophy, Smith pulled out his phone and showed them a picture.

The kids were starstruck.

“And this is the first that they’ve been silent, which is just the funniest thing for me to see as their P.E. teacher because I know how they are,” said Gina Sherwood, physical education teacher.

“What do I say? I was like so excited,” said Autumn Blackwell, fifth-grader

Now, you don’t think they’d only share Smith with just 30 kids do you?

The entire student body got to meet him, too.

Smith says the experience of winning in NOLA and being in Tuesday’s victory parade is a feeling that he and the team want to have again.

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Smith also tells Eyewitness News that he enjoys days like this because he remembers what it was like to look up to the older athletes near his hometown in Virginia.